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Human Flourishing and the Futures of Intelligence

Looking ahead to 2040, how might artificial intelligence and collective intelligence co-evolve with human intelligence to promote or limit human flourishing? This inquiry drove a 2022 workshop designed and facilitated by Worldview Studio and co-hosted with  the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence and the Templeton World Charity Foundation. A multi-stakeholder group of academics and leaders from business, nonprofits and foundations gathered over 1.5 days at Stanford University to explore these questions and create high-level stories about the future. 

Among the key uncertainties that shaped our stories: Will access to AI applications be restricted to elite users, or widely available and equitable? Will AI predominantly enhance human labor, or substitute for it?Will new intelligence primarily help individuals to exploit opportunities, or will it help align individual actions with collective needs? Will AI development be aligned well, or poorly, with the goals of human flourishing? We captured the proceedings in a short video presented at the first TWCF Global Scientific Conference on Human Flourishing.

Client / 

Stanford Institute Human-centered Artificial Intelligence and Templeton World Charity Foundation


Role / 

Audience research


Experiential workshop design


Scripting; video /media production


Prototype testing


Facilitator’s guide


Brand and website design/implementation

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