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Diverse Intelligences Initiative

How can the Diverse Intelligences (DI) Initiative – launched in 2016 by the Templeton World Charity Program – extend its impact within and beyond the academy? This multi-phase project began with a mid-term evaluation of the ambitious DI initiative. Using surveys and in-person interviews, we identified strategic opportunities for additional network development, training, conference, and scientist exchange opportunities, and for opportunities to influence policy in areas like education, resource management, and artificial intelligence. We also collaborated on planning and design for the annual conference, hosted panels on policy impacts, DI futures, and career development, designed and facilitated a series of interactive training workshops and webinars, and captured videos on the DI community and research.

Client / 

Templeton World Charities Foundation


Role / 

Audience research/ engagement


Community surveys 


Website, multimedia and content development 


Organizational evaluation and synthesis


Event design, engagement and training

Year / 


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