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Multi-stakeholder Strategy Framework

How might an emergent organization of neuroscientists leading national brain initiatives evolve to increase collaboration and impact? That was the question that Worldview Studio was asked to tackle by the IBI strategy committee, a consortium started by five country Brain Initiatives, with funding from the Kavli Foundation. 


Worldview’s founder, with team support, designed and facilitated two, two-day workshops. The first focused on developing a strategic framework and addressing pressing operational decisions. Based on interviews with IBI strategy team members, the workshop explored plausible value propositions, organizational options, potential activities/initiatives (low-hanging-fruit and blue-sky), and key next steps. The second workshop, one year later, reviewed progress toward goals and new challenges and clarified the critical choices and implications facing  the organization. To help inform and /guide the conversations, the team developed interview summaries, surveys, and workshop templates. Together the workshops produced consensus on multiple strategic and operational issues and ultimately identified and documented a clear strategy for moving the organization into the future. Worldview also designed new branding and templates (slides, newsletter), and communication materials consistent.

Client / 

International Brain Initiative / Kavli Foundation


Role / 

Strategy development

Stakeholder research

Workshop design and facilitation

Report writing/synthesis


Year / 


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Organizational Infographics
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Communications collateral
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