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Does Alcoholics Anonymous Work?

How can we amplify the impact of groundbreaking scientific research on the effectiveness of Alcoholics Anonymous? A Bay Area philanthropist engaged Worldview Studio to help promote a major study by Stanford and Harvard scientists. Their analysis of Alcoholics Anonymous – the most rigorous and comprehensive study ever conducted – demonstrated the effectiveness of AA across multiple measures. It was published in February 2020 by the prestigious Cochrane Reviews.


The Worldview team scripted and produced a 15-minute mini-documentary, “Does Alcoholics Anonymous Work?,” describing the study and results, with commentary from the authors and a community clinical psychologist. To inform and engage media and key audiences, the team developed and executed a comprehensive media campaign. This included team orchestrating and amplifying extensive PR/social media, including graphic research summaries for key audiences (e.g., social workers, clinicians, probation officers, pastors); social media/email copy and graphics; and contact lists of 100+ influencers interested in alcoholism research and treatment.

Client / 

The Bob Burke Recovery Fund


Role / 

Video scripting, production


Engagement strategy


Media (infographic) production


Social media campaign design and execution


Year / 


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Lay summaries for targeted professional audiences
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