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Power of Minds

How does what we think, feel, believe, and cognitively practice influence human health, well-being, and achievement? That was the focal question of The Power of Minds, supported by the Templeton World Charity Foundation and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and developed/executed by the Worldview Studio team while at Worldview Stanford.


The project comprised a survey of cross-disciplinary research and the design, execution, and facilitation of a 2017 conference at Stanford involving 40 scholars in neuroscience, psychology, theology, philosophy, medicine, education, anthropology, and public health. Both components identified commonalities and open questions across human flourishing, spirituality, purpose, the placebo effect, mindfulness, mindset, stigma’s effects, and mechanisms of culture-mind-body interactions. It also identified future research opportunities and scalable interventions. All project content (reports, video and print interviews with scholars) were posted on the web for public audiences.


A follow-up TWCF project examined and prioritized a set of interdisciplinary topics focused on underexplored, high-potential research and intervention areas.

Client / 

Templeton World Charity Foundation + Robert Wood Johnson Foundation


Role / 

Landscape research

Experience design, facilitation and execution


Video production


Content/report design and production


Website design and production

Year / 


Sample pre-conference expert video produced for for participants, public (1 of 11 produced)
Artboard 1POM.png
Conference report excerpts produced for for participants, public 
Artboard 1 copyPOM_INTERVIEW.png
Sample pre-conference expert Q&A produced for for participants, public (1 of 5 produced)
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