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The Science of

Decision Making

How does the latest interdisciplinary research help us predict, influence, and improve decision making? The Science of Decision Making, a unique online/in-person course, immersed professionals in leading interdisciplinary research and innovations. The Worldview team* designed, developed, and delivered the full course curriculum, content, media, website, communications, and on-campus program. 

Tapping 10+ disciplines, the course began with 10 hours of multimedia online content, original and curated, delivered on a custom web portal. Participants then came to Stanford for 3.5 days to interact with professors and develop new knowledge, skills and tools to use personally and professionally. Offered seven times at Stanford University, the Science of Decision Making served as the template for three more courses: Behind and Beyond Big Data; Environmental Risk and Resilience; the Future of Food.


*Operating as Worldview Stanford

Client / 

Worldview Stanford


Role / 

Course design and production (online, in-person)


Media production


Web production


Year / 


Sample video interview produced for online course content (1 of 18 produced)
Sample "Brain Primer" animated video produced for online course content (1 of 3 produced)
Artboard 3SDM.png
Sample pages from online course website (five parts, 38 multimedia pieces)
2014-07-16 09.11.35_Adj.jpg
Three-day course onsite at Stanford University
Artboard 1 copy 2INCENTIVES.png
Sample PDF article produced for online course (1 of 10 produced)
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