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Why use the Psychology in Service toolkit?

Do you interact with clients in a community-based organization?

Are you interested in new ideas and approaches that might enhance the services you provide?

Is time one of your scarcest resources?

Then this toolkit is for you!

A moment to pause and reflect

We know your life is busy and your job is demanding. It can be hard to find time to reflect on your work experiences and explore new ideas. This toolkit offers an engaging, hands-on opportunity to do just that!

Flexible and actionable results

Take away both personal reflections and concrete actions that you could advance, whatever your role, level of experience, or organizational context and services may be.

Quick access to relevant insights from academics and innovators

Explore a variety of evidence-based insights distilled from psychology research and real-world service innovations

Keep learning

Dive deeper into the psychological insights and program innovations that piqued your interest on the Psychology in Service website.

Imagining new ideas and innovations

Brainstorm a set of potential innovations by connecting your knowledge and experience to useable insights from academics and successful programs

What People Say about Psychology in Service

"It's a totally different way of thinking solely focused on the user. It's so different than how I've been taught to think throughout my whole life. So it's a pretty cool thing to do, and I think it's really powerful. "

Eli, Digital Inclusion Coordinator at a nonprofit serving seniors

PDF includes a printable and a digital (fillable) version

All you need is 60-90 minutes and imagination

Psychology in Service: The Toolkit builds on insights based on academic research in psychology, sociology, anthropology, and design. The toolkit also draws on the experiences and advice of front-line workers, program directors, therapists, and designers working with or in community organizations, some of whom also have lived experience as clients.


We are grateful to everyone who contributed ideas and feedback throughout the development of this toolkit.

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Support for this project was provided by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views of the Foundation.

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