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Raw Data

The Worldview team* created and produced three seasons (32 episodes) of a podcast about how technology and data science are reshaping relationships and institutions across society. In the process, we interviewed more than 50 entrepreneurs, researchers, authors, policy experts, and data scientists.

Our first two seasons looked broadly at how almost every action and relationship is now mediated – and recorded – by technology. Through this lens, we explored diverse topics including propaganda armies, cryptocurrencies, AI in psychiatry, online dating, data science in Hollywood, and Russian meddling in the 2016 US election.
In the third season we explored the roots of digital society by examining the origins of Silicon Valley’s ambitions, culture, and rise to power. We journeyed from the gold rush to the counterculture, from garage start-ups to AI. Does all this technology give us more or less freedom and quality of content and life? Where are we headed?

*Operating as Worldview Stanford

Client / 

Worldview Stanford, The Stanford Cyber Initiative


Role / 

Audio Podcast Scripting, Hosting and Production



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