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Online Patient Education

How can we create a high-quality, digital learning experience for incoming patients and their caretakers that is informative, easy to navigate, and reassuring? That was the challenge posed by Stanford Health Care, comprising Stanford’s prestigious hospitals and clinics, which serves patients from an increasingly wide geographic area.


Worldview Studio developed prototypes for two courses: Radiation Oncology Therapy and New Patient Onboarding. This six-month, highly iterative project included working closely with the patient education department to analyze and recommend a platform that could be customized and adapted for future programs; develop branding and user interface guidelines and features (e.g., visual appeal, downloadable checklists, “deep-dive” options); and building and testing the actual prototype design. We also ensured that medical content was empathetic, positive, jargon-free, and accessible to people of different educational and cultural  backgrounds. We tested prototypes with patients and refined our final media products based on feedback and engagement data.

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Stanford Health Care


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Web design


Content development support

Web development



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