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Theories of Consciousness

Consciousness is fundamental to the human experience, but our scientific understanding of consciousness is in its infancy. Making progress in consciousness calls not only for new, incisive theories, but also for new experimental approaches to its scientific study. Templeton World Charity Foundation (TWCF) has recognized this need, and commissioned Worldview Studio to collect and digest the major current theories of consciousness and turn them into a “primer” for experimental scientists. By making leading theories of consciousness more accessible to a broad range of experimentalists, TWCF hopes to increase interdisciplinary participation in the field, and eventually reduce the number of competing theories of consciousness through empirical testing.

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Templeton World Charity Foundation


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Landscape analysis






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Books by some of the leading theorists of consciousness
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Sample of final report: Beyond IIT and GWT: Alternative Empirically Testable Theories of Consciousness
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